The Recovery Foundation, Inc., founded in 2009, is a non-profit organization that supports individuals through their substance abuse recovery by providing them with Treatment Scholarships, to help aid in the cost.  The Scholarship Recipients are dedicated to their recovery, and want more than anything to reclaim the life they were meant to, and want to live.  

The Recovery Foundation is additionally focused on raising community awareness on the viability and sustainability of long term recovery from substance use disorders. Using a passionate, volunteer board and through the generosity of many individual and corporate sponsors, Recovery Foundation has made an impact on many lives in and around Dane County.

The Recovery Foundation, along with the generosity of several donors and sponsors, is providing the opportunity to people who desperately want to recover from the crippling disease of addiction.  

Board of Directors

Our Mission

  • Provide financial support to individuals seeking or engaged in outpatient treatment for

    long-term recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders. Supported

    individuals will reside in or around Dane County, Wisconsin.

  • Educate community and improve awareness to remove the stigma related to substance

    abuse and mental health disorders that can stand as a barrier at every stage of


  • Support peer mentorship in the Dane County recovery community and treatment

    programs. Peer mentorship keeps individuals involved in active recovery longer, thus

    improving the individual’s rate of success while simultaneously assisting and engaging

    other individuals in early recovery.

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