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As our nation begins to move forward and heal from the pandemic, individuals in recovery from addiction are trying to navigate their way in an uncertain world.  Many have lost jobs along with their health insurance.  Based on the current climate, we have seen an increased demand for assistance and we are asking for your help to respond to this growing need.

Our mission includes providing treatment scholarships for individuals committed to their recovery journey.   

With the generosity of our donors, we are able to provide assistance with some of the costs associated with treatment...

  • $30 provides an hour of group counseling, which can be one of the most powerful tools in treatment.
  • $65 affords a monthly Madison bus pass for an individual. The bus pass allows mobility to access treatment, self-help meetings and employment, interviews or school.
  • $100 funds an hour of individual outpatient counseling. Individual counseling is an anchor of successful recovery.
  • $500 gives significant support towards one month of supervised sober living support.
  • $1,000 funds one individual’s outpatient services until other funding sources are secured.  It is the most typical scholarship amount awarded to recipients.
  • $5,000 funds one individual through intensive outpatient (IOP) and related individual counseling for 12 weeks.

“As a result of receiving financial support from the Recovery Foundation, I have now completed IOP, aftercare and am hoping to become a Mentor soon... The greatest gift Recovery Foundation and treatment has given me is a belief in myself and I now know that I am worth it.” -Sara

We encourage you to consider a donation to help more individuals find their way from addiction and into the light of recovery.

Gifts from individuals like yourself help those who might not otherwise have this opportunity to seek help.

Your donation can change someone’s life forever.



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